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Материалы 2-го Симпозиума Международной ассоциации гирудотерапевтов и гирудологов 2017 г.

Health effects of the gel biokomplex with nootropic plants of Siberia and medicinal leech

The article contains data of researches of the gel Noobionic – biocomplex on the basis of nootropic plants of Siberia and a medicinal leech. It shows positive action from gel on function of cardiovascular and central nervous system, the dynamics of the immune status and antioxidant potential, rheological parameters of blood, cognitive function and quality of life. These data define the possibility of using the gel for functional recovery after traumatic states, for the prevention of stress-induced diseases (including neurodegenerative) and somatoform disorders.

Key words: Central nervous system, cognitive functions, medicinal leech, nootropic plants of Siberia, neurodegenerative disorders

I.V. Semenov, E.V. Makarova / SIE Center for environmental and health technologies (Barnaul, Russia)

Semenov I.V., Makarova E.V. Health effects of the gel biokomplex with nootropic plants of Siberia and medicinal leech / Symposium materials. 2-nd Symposium of the International Association of Hirudotherapists and Hirudologists (Septamber, 1-5, 2017). Bulgaria, Svyatyi-Vlas. 2017. P.106-112.


To solve the problems of prevention and correction of somatoform and neurodegenerative disorders, the physician-neurophysiologist I.V. Semenov developed the gel biocomplex Noobionic. The main source of biologically active substances (BAS) in gel – a highly active complex of extracts of Siberian nootropic plants and medicinal leech. The effect of the gel is determined by its composition, physico-chemical structure and application method is through daily application to the skin of the face and neck.

The gel form of biocomplex determines the stability and the kinetics incorporated into the gel base PSA and is characterized by the absence of the physical and chemical incompatibility in their relationship, ensures the stability of the physicochemical properties during the manufacturing process and during storage, and most importantly – the ability to release the included BAS in specified limits without losses (e.g. without cleavage in the gastrointestinal tract). Also, transdermal delivery of BAS allows to use the gel to improve the quality of life and rehabilitation of persons with impaired swallowing function (e.g. in post-stroke paralysis and paresis, cerebral palsy, neurological pathologies), in other circumstances complicating reception of oral health assets (e.g. for people with autism, children and elderly).

The phytoextracts included in the gel regulate neurometabolic processes, improving the energy state of neurons, activating plastic processes in the central nervous system by increasing synthesis of RNA and proteins, improving the synaptic transmission in the central nervous system, providing a membrane-stabilizing effect. In addition to improving neuroenergetic, they also have the scientifically proven antioxidant effects and ability to improve cerebral metabolism.

Extract of medicinal leeches is included in the biocomplex in the form of a medicinal product «Piyavit», created under the supervision of a leading researcher of the biological faculty of Moscow state University, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor I.P. Baskova. It is scientifically proven that «Piyavit» improves memory, increases the density of capillaries in the brain, improves cerebral blood circulation and metabolic processes in the nervous tissue (studies of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Studies of the effectiveness of the biocomplex are conducted by I.V. Semenov from 2011. The results of a computer analysis of the EEGs of persons applying the gel for at least 1 month, shows increased amplitude and percentage strength of the rhythms and frequency intervals, as well as on the regulation of the coherence function, reflecting the rate of circulation of the pulse across the white matter of the brain.

On the basis of the Altai State Medical University, clinical and laboratory studies of Noobionic gel as a remedy for patients in the stage of convalescence after exacerbations of chronic non-infectious diseases in the presence of asthenovegetative syndrome were carried out. The study was carried out by direct clinical examination of patients throughout the 30-day period. The parameters of the general analysis of blood and biochemical parameters of oxidant-antioxidant status, indicators of hemostasis, the intensity of asthenovegetative syndrome (by MFI 20) were assessed. As a test that combined physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics, the HAM questionnaire (health, activity, mood) was used. To assess the severity of depression, the Hamilton scale was used, also psychometric tests were used: a test for the digital sequence, a Muensterberg test, a memory test with 20 words. To assess the effectiveness and tolerability of the gel, along with a survey, a general analysis of blood and urine, biochemical studies used an estimate of the tone of the autonomic nervous system according to the Kerdo index.

Results of the study:

1. Stability of indicators of the cardiovascular system (clinical symptoms, indicators of blood pressure, heart rate).

2. Increase in the total antioxidant activity of plasma and red blood cells, the content of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in erythrocytes. At the same time, the use of the biocomplex did not affect the content of catalase in erythrocytes.

3. Indicators of hemostasis (coagulogram) indicate that there was a significant change in activated thromboplastin time. Its growth was 6.1 seconds (p˂0.05) at a difference with the comparison group of 8.9 seconds (p˂0.05). There were statistically significant differences in the evaluation of soluble fibrin monomer complexes. In the group of patients who used the gel Noobionic marked decrease of their content in the blood plasma of 0.6 mg/ml (p˂0.05), which led to a lower level (0.5 mg/ml, p˂0.05) than in comparative group. In the study of the platelet aggregation index in the main group showed increased aggregation 4.1 sec. (p˂0.05), with no change in the comparison group and the difference indicators 3.2 sec. (p˂0.05).

4. The severity of psychiatric asthenia decreased by 10.2% (p<0.05) with respect to the initial data (in the control group without changes, p<0.05).

5. Reduced level of anxiety. At the beginning of the study, this indicator in aggregate terms, averaging 9 points and was ensured mainly by increase in values in such scales as: a) anxious mood, b) insomnia, c) intellectual disorders, d) depressive mood, e) vegetative symptoms. Upon completion of the study, on the subscale «insomnia» episodes of sleep disturbance decreased 6.2 times compared with the control group. For subscale «vegetative symptoms»: the number of patients with reddening or pale skin, dry mouth, sweating, headaches in the main group decreased by 1.9 times. For subscale «anxious mood» the number of observed with irritability and concern decreased by 4.6 times (p<0.05). A comparative analysis on the items of Hamilton scale (HDRS) showed a positive statistically significant trend in subscale «insomnia» (reduce the number of observed to the end of the study – 7.0 times), subscale «vegetative symptoms» – 2.2 times (p<0.05), subscale «anxious mood» – 5.3 times (p<0.05).

6. Increased ability to remember textual information: in a test of «20 words» increased the number of correctly reproduced words after 2 or more repetition in comparison with the initial values: 11.0%, 25.7%, and of 13.1% and 8.0% after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th repetition, respectively (p<0.05). In the comparison group statistically significant changes of these indicators was not detected.

7. Improved concentration and selective attention: the total test time for the digital sequence in the main group decreased in comparison with an initial value of 22.0% (p<0.05). The total test time of Munsterberg decreased by 12.0%, and the number of skipped words decreased by 72.0%. In the comparison group, statistically significant differences on these indicators were not detected.

8. The assessment of mental state and emotional response to stress by the method of HAM identified a marked improvement in the quality of life of subjects on the scale of «Health» – by 57%, «the Mood» – by 61%, «Activity» – by 41%.

These facts indicate the influence of the studied gel biocomplex on the organism with improving the functionality of the Central nervous system. This opens the possibility of applying the gel Noobionic with nootropic phytoextracts and medicinal leech as a means of prevention and correction of somatoform and neurodegenerative disorders.



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